Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As some of you might already be aware over the next few months I will be acquiring sports writing content for an as yet untitled special project for SB Nation.com scheduled to begin to appear in September. I will be looking for the same kind of stories I look for as Series Editor of The Best American Sports Writing: stories that, after I read them once, I want to read again. I hope to help to create a place where writers feel their work is valued and respected and to attract readers who love writing.

I look forward to hearing from talented freelance writers with original ideas for features, profiles, enterprise, commentaries and columns, personal essays and memoirs, investigative stories, etc. Pay will be competitive but vary depending on the scope of the story and experience of the writer. If you have an idea for a story you’ve wanted to write, or would just like to chat about possibilities, I’d like to hear from you at glennstout@fairpoint.net .

There is no opportunity like the present – the door is open. 

PS on 8/11/12: If you don't know how to pitch a story, you should.  If you don't, please look here:

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