Friday, May 8, 2009

About Those Tests...

For the last twenty-four hours I've heard innumerable talking heads say that the suspension of Manny Ramirez "proves that baseball's testing program works."


For one, although Ramirez reportedly tested for high testosterone , he was caught - and suspended - because of his paper trail. But more importantly, being caught using a female fertility drug is pretty much a smoking gun in terms of previous steroid use, using it while cycling off. And guess what? Baseball's testing program never caught Manny's use of steroids, just the after effect. And if it never caught Manny, well, who else didn't it catch? And how long did Manny manage to pass the tests?

If anything, the Ramirez situation points out the failure of MLB's drug testing program because it is apparent that it is possible to use steroids, be tested, and not be caught.

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